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The emotional whirlwind of your first year: Advice from last year’s rookies

In our First Year Teacher series we’ve talked about running your classroom, and all the other responsibilities involved in teaching. For this final post, we’re sharing teachers’ thoughts on the emotions that go along with the job, and how to survive the rollercoaster that is teaching.   Continue reading

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Organizational Tips for a Stress-Free Classroom

Are you feeling the August panic?

We know that when your students walk through the door this fall, you’ll have to be ready for anything. The school year is stressful and right now you have a chance to get ahead. You can’t anticipate every challenge you’ll face in the upcoming year, but the physical space of your classroom can make a big difference in terms of your stress levels.

We turned to to get some great organizational tips that will keep you ahead this year. Then we pulled together a Pinterest board full of other great ideas for you to try out in your classrooms! We hope that if you start thinking about organization now, you’ll have a much smoother, happier school year.

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Lane Bryant Chalks it up to STYLE for Teachers Again

Lane Bryant is raising their hand again to support teachers! Last year was such a huge success they’re bringing back Chalk it up to STYLE for another year! Check out what they have in store for the entire month of August to raise money for teachers nationwide AND how you can help.

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What’s really involved in your first teaching job: Advice from last year’s Rookies

In our last First Year Teacher post, we shared what last year’s rookie teachers had to say about running their first classrooms. If you’re starting your first teaching job this year, we’re sure you’re expecting and preparing to plan lessons, manage a classroom, and grade papers. What you may not be expecting are all of the other aspects of your job description.

In this post, we’re highlighting what last year’s rookies had to say about all of the add-on jobs that came with teaching:

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Running your first classroom: Advice from last year’s rookies

Forty to fifty percent of new teachers leave within their first five years on the job. Why? Because teaching is hard. More is expected of teachers than they could comprehend before starting the job. Teachers are lesson-planners, disciplinarians, fundraisers, administrators, emotional-support systems, and more. Continue reading


#RAISEAHAND for Teachers with thredUP

Did you know that seven out of 10 teachers purchase apparel items like jackets, socks, and shoes for their students?

Proper school clothing for students is more important than you might think. 85% of teachers we surveyed said that students lack confidence when they come to class without the proper clothing or supplies.

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